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Today is the birthday of Schroeder's idol & Classical pianist, Ludwig von Beethoven!

And rejoice Schroeder fans, and show some appreciation for out favorite young pianist's hero.
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The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 7
Outside Charlie Brown’s house…
 Kids: Come on, Charlie Brown!
 Charlie Brown: Today calls for something special. Here we go. Hey, guys.
 Sally: It’s the last day of school! Well, big brother, can you believe it? No more reading, writing, arithmetic, no more learning ever!
 Lincoln: And when school’s over, I’ll be planning with my sisters on what to do for the summer.
 Charlie Brown: What are you talking about? This is just the start of summer vacation. You have eight more years of grammar school, four more years of high school, plus four more years of college.
 Sally: (gasps) It’s over 37 years of school! I’ll be bald and wrinkly by then!
At school, the kids looked from the window to see a nearby fun fair.
 Patty: Whoa, look at that.
 Franklin: Is that Snoopy?
Snoopy was up on the ferris wheel with Woodstock and King Julien XII.
 Patty: Lucky.
 Miss Othmar: Wah wah wah wah wah.
 Kids: Awwww
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The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 6
At the assembly, Sally was selling Charlie Brown merchandise to the kids.
 Sally: Thank you. Come again soon.
 Linus: This is all for you, Charlie Brown. You’ve really made it.
Charlie Brown saw the Little Red-Haired Girl take her seat in the assembly.
 Charlie Brown: It’s gonna happen. She’s finally gonna notice me for doing something great.
 Lucy (Peanuts): Charlie Brown, I hate to admit it, you blockhead, but public opinion leads me to believe that after all these years, I may have been wrong about you. This is not easy for me! My whole world has turned upside down!
 Franklin: Can I please have Charlie Brown to the stage?
Charlie Brown got up on the stage.
 Franklin: It is my pleasure to present to you today this award for this year’s standardized testing. But before I do, the school proclamation.
 Marcie: (reads the proclamation) On this day, where as you upheld the highest of academic standards, and where as no one would h
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 4 1
The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 5
Back at school…
 Linus: Daydreaming will not make her materialize, Charlie Brown. She’s not here.
 Charlie Brown: Daydreaming? Me?
 Linus: She’ll be back on Monday. I heard she went back east to take care of her grandmother who isn’t feeling very well.
 Charlie Brown: She seems like the kind of person who would do that sort of thing.
 Miss Othmar: Wah wah wah wah wah.
 Kids: Aw, not another book report!
 Linus: Time to pick out partners.
Students got in line to pick out a piece of paper that had the name of their partners.
 Violet: No boys. No boys, please. (picks up paper and opens it) Patty! Yes!
 Patty: Alright!
Lucy van Pelt was next, but she was searching for a partner.
 Lucy (Peanuts): Nope. Uh-uh. (picks up paper) Yes. (opens it) Schroeder! There’s no denying it. It was written in the cards.
 Miss Othmar: Wah wah wah wah.
Charlie Brown picked up the paper and opened it.
 Charlie Brown: (in
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 4 1
The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 4
At Club Loud, the peanuts kids were having dance auditions for the school dance while Charlie Brown was depressed and embarrassed about what happened in the talent show. He read the book that Lucy gave him and read step 6.
 Charlie Brown: Number six. Tell yourself ‘I am worthy. I can do this. I have what it takes.’
The phone rings.
 Sally: (on the phone) Hello? (gasps) Your girlfriend’s on the phone.
 Charlie Brown: (gasps and goes on the phone) Hello?
 Peppermint Patty: (at Club Loud on the phone) Hey, Chuck, this is Peppermint Patty. How have you been?
 Charlie Brown: Well, I…
 Peppermint Patty: (on the phone) Listen, I have some great news for you, Chuck. The winter dance is in a few weeks and I’m saving a dance for you.
 Charlie Brown: (on phone) Huh?
 Peppermint Patty: (on the phone) Anyway, Marcie put me in charge of the refreshment committee. Anyway, I took it upon myself and signed you up for cupcakes.
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 3 1
The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 3
Back with Eddy and Lincoln...
 Eddy: How are the fliers going for the upcoming dance?
 Lincoln: They’re doing great, so far.
 Eddy: Remember, your new substitute wants you to put these fliers up for extra credit. And to think your new teacher is a dumb dog with no pants, though. Man, Royal woods is getting weirder and weirder. First Barnyard, then Tuff Puppy, now Rabbids Invasion. What next, Rio? That will never happen.
Suddenly, a bunch of blue sphynx macaws flew through the hallways.
 Lincoln: You were saying?
 Eddy: They were supposed to be in the Amazon. Logic here is weird and it makes no sense in Blue Sky’s Peanuts. And… Isn't that your friend with that dog?
 Lincoln: Friend with the what?
 Eddy: Over there where he’s trying to ask the new girl on a date.
 Lincoln: Hmm. (Rushed to Charlie Brown)
 Charlie Brown: It’s a poster for the upcoming dance, Snoopy. She could be there, and I could be square if I don
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 5 4
The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 2
After the party, the next morning...
 Eddy: Oh, my aching head.
 Double D: That was quite an experience.
 Ed: Let's do that again tonight.
 Eddy: Sure, Ed. If they have a dance at school, then we’ll not throw a party.
 Mort: Where is King Julien. Must. Find. King Julien. (Sees Julien) King Julien!
 King Julien, XII: Hello, neighbors! Look at me, I'm walking on the phone line.
 Eddy: Kids, time for school!
 The Loud kids: Awww.
At Charlie Brown’s school…
 Charlie Brown: You can’t come to school, Snoopy. Now, be a good dog and go home.
Snoopy attempted to go to class dressed as a student, but Franklin saw through his disguise.
 Franklin: No dogs allowed.
In the classroom…
 Franklin: The new kid is coming.
Charlie Brown came into class.
 Kids: Awww.
 Lucy (Peanuts) Hey, Charlie Brown.
 Charlie Brown: (got to his seat) Good morning, Linus. What do you have there?
 Linus: It’s my t
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 5 3
The Loud Peanuts Movie Part 1
In a neighborhood on a snow day, many kids woke up for a fun day. Kids like Marcie…
 Marcie: (turns off her alarm clock)
Peppermint Patty…
 Peppermint Patty: (destroys her clock with her hockey stick)
 Schroeder: (was about to turn off the clock, but listens to the music) Ah, Beethoven.
Lucy and Linus.
 Lucy (Peanuts): Linus, time to get up. You don’t want to be late for school. Get up! (takes Linus’ blanket)
 Linus: Ah, my blanket!
In the household of Charlie Brown, his sister, Sally, talked on the phone.
 Sally: (on the phone) Hello?
 Miss Othmar: (on the phone) Wah wah wah wah.
 Sally: Snow day? Snow day! (hangs up phone)
 Miss Othmar: (on the phone) Wah wah?
 Sally: It’s snow day! No school today! (puts her books in the trash) Dreams do come true!
Everyone came out of their homes to play some snow games.
 Lucy (Peanuts): Frieda and Patty are on my team.
 Schroeder: I got my ho
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